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Услиги заказа продукции типа DIY
  • Basic Specs

    • Main product 1 -10 Layers
    • Turn time As fast 24 hours
    • Qty req 5 - 10000+
    • Materials FR4,Aluminum
    • Finished copper 1 - 3oz
    • Trace/space 4/4mil(0.1mm)
  • Full feature

    • Layer count 1 -20 Layers
    • Turn time Same Day- 5 weeks
    • Qty req 1 - 10000+
    • Board type High-Temp FR4,Flex,Flex-rigid,HDI,Rogers,etc
    • Finished copper 0.5 - 6oz
    • Trace/space Down to 2.75/3 Mils
  • PCB Assembly

    • Fulfillment Tumkey/Kitted/Hybrid
    • Turn time 2 Day- 3 weeks
    • Qty req 1 - 10000+
    • Capability SMT&Supply Parts
    • Soldering Machine+Hand
    • Stencil Framework Stencil
    • Best value

      Manufacturer direct pricing

    • Fast turnarounds

      As fast as 48 hours

    • Low Minimums

      Quality customer service