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DIY socket tester, essential for home inspection

Author:Geekfans Date: 06/06/2018 SHARE

You may be worried the wiring is not correct if you just finished decorating your house: may get an electric shock or leakage. Don't worry, now we're going to make a socket tester that will specifically detect the line sequence of the socket and ensure that it is the correct wiring.

Led display table

Here the principle I will explain:

(1) The wiring is correct: because the neutral line and the live line are conducting, the led2 is on. Because the earth wire is grounded, there will be a small current from the live wire to the earth wire, so the led3 is also on.

(2) The earth wire is missing: since the neutral wire and the live wire are conducting, led2 is on. Because the earth wire is not exist, the live wire is not conducting, so led3 is off.

(3) The live wire is missing: the live wire is lacked so all the led are off.

(4) The neutral wire is missing: due to lack of neutral wire, live wire and neutral are not conducting, so the led2 is off.

(5) Live and neutral reversed: it is the live wire and neutral wire are reversed, because the neutral wire and live wire is conducting, so led2 is on. Because the earth wire is normally grounded, there will be a small current from the live wire to the ground wire, so led1 will also be on.

(6) Live and earth reversed: it is live wire and the earth wire are reversed. The LED from the neutral wire to the earth wire will be on. Because the live wire and the earth wire are reversed, and they are connected, so led3 is on.

(7) Live earth reversed, neutral lacked: This is a bit difficult to understand, live wire and the earth wire are reversed, but the led3 is on, if lack of neutral wire, then led1 and 2 will be equal to the series, of course, will be on.

Well let's start making.



Prepare materials, as shown in the pic above


Solder the resistance and led first


Then solder diodes, pls note the diode must be soldered to prevent LED breakdown


Just find a lamp base, connect it, test a set of led to check it will be on or not




To prepare 3 sets as the same way above


Wrap heat shrink tube


3 sets are all wrapped

The next step is to take a three-plug plug, drill three holes, connect the wire


OK, it is nice? right?


Try it, this wiring is correct


Obviously the earth wire is missing.

Well, the socket tester is done, and to make it by your self just now! 

You can find all the components needed from www.utsource.net Here is the product links you can take as reference, but please check carefully if these are the right components you need:

Source from:Geekfans

Translated by:Utsource

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