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BST Electronic Heat Gun Blue ( 110V )

BST Electronic Heat Gun is used to head up your device to assist you disasse...

870.05 руб.

817.85 руб.

JM-T9-11 Metal Adjustable Tweezer Tip Straight Silver

JM-T9-11 Metal Adjustable Tweezer is used to help you pick up something smal...

299.02 руб.

281.11 руб.

BST Metal Pentagonal Opening

BST Metal Pentagonal Opening is used to pry and pry your phone back cover or...

51.99 руб.

48.86 руб.

Static Brush Kit Black

Static Brush Kit is a static remover. This one comes with 8 different kinds ...

484.94 руб.

455.81 руб.

Cell Phone Brush Black

Cell Phone Brush is used to clear up your device. Also it can keep your repa...

207.47 руб.

195.03 руб.

Mainboard Maintenance Tools Kit Blue

Mainboard Maintenance Tools Kit includes six different kinds of tools. It wo...

346.16 руб.

325.42 руб.

Best Plastic Opening Tool for Pad/ Laptop Green

Plastic Opening Tool BST-128 Green is a good DIY tool for repairing and open...

200.49 руб.

188.45 руб.

LJL-129 Triangle Screwdriver 0.7*25mm for iPhone 7/7 Plus Silver

Triangle Screwdriver is used to unscrew the Triangle screw. With the design ...

276.86 руб.

260.28 руб.

4 in 1 Jakemy Professional Hardware Tool Kit Colorful

Jakemy Professional Hardware Tool Kit is a 4 in one disassemble tools. It ca...

623.73 руб.

586.30 руб.

12 in 1 Screwdriver Kit

The screwdriver kit contains 12 different screwdriver bits designed for repa...

554.34 руб.

521.06 руб.

BST-119 Disassemble Tool Kit Colorful

BST-118 Disassemble Tool Kit is multifunctional disassemble tools. It is a s...

1525.64 руб.

1434.09 руб.

1Km Diamond Wire for Screen Separation Gold

Diamond Wire for Screen Separation is a professional tool to separate screen...

623.73 руб.

586.30 руб.

Multi-Functional Screwdriver & Rolling Opener Black

Screwdriver & Rolling Opener is used to help you tear down your phone more c...

346.16 руб.

325.42 руб.

Nano SIM Card Cutter

With the metal Nano SIM card cutter, you can cut the Regular SIM card into a...

276.86 руб.

260.28 руб.

Repair Toolkit for iPhone 5 5pcs

Disassemble or assemble your phone, the repair toolkit for iPhone 5 here is ...

554.34 руб.

521.06 руб.

Versatile Screwdriver Set for iPhone Mobile Phone Colorful

This Versatile Screwdriver Set for iPhone Mobile is specialized for iPhone. ...

346.16 руб.

325.42 руб.

Mechanic Solder Paste

Mechanic Solder Paste 50g Solder Paste is an essential tool during heating p...

276.86 руб.

260.28 руб.

BST-115 Repair Kit Colorful

BST-115 Repair Kit is a multi-purpose tools kit for a maintenance worker. Th...

693.12 руб.

651.55 руб.

Smartphone Repair Cutter Red/Green

Smartphone Repair Cutter is used to assist you to tear down your mobile phon...

831.91 руб.

782.04 руб.

BST-607 Disassemble Tool Kit Colorful

BST-607 Disassemble Tool Kit is multifunctional disassemble tools. Come here...

554.34 руб.

521.06 руб.

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